Create your custom 3D avatar with Avatic

Avatic is the first free 3D avatar maker. It allows you to create your own 3D avatar with only a few clicks. There are a bunch of skin colors, eyes, hairstyles, and even clothes to choose from so you can personalize your new 3D Avatar.

Avatic Roadmap 1.0

  1. Landing Page.
    – Features list and descriptions
    – Roadmap
    – Privacy Policy
    – Waitlist sign up form
    – Links to our social media

  2. Pre-Launch campaign.
    – Gather excitement and raise awareness.
    – Start accumulating content steadily on our pages
    – Build rapport with potential users.


    Goal: we want to get at least 100 sign-ups to our waitlist. This number is calculated as a reasonable expectation after considering our launching date, product nature, promotional channels, and budget.

  3. Social Media
    – Dribbble: Give a visual overview
    Reddit: Connect with niche communities
    Medium: Blogging the startup
    LinkedIn: Create a professional profile
    – Twitter: Build your brand personality
    – Links to our social media 

  4. Beta Version Launching ( 100 sign-ups)

  5. Roadmap 2.0